What a marine surveyor needs to know about Surveying FRP / GRP Craft eBook


There are a number of differing views of fibreglass boats, the traditionalist often referring to them as bath tubs or tupperware boats. But the simple truth is the average yachtsman in the current age just does not have the time or money to devote to the high maintenance of a traditional or classic yacht.

Fibreglass boats do not have to be bath tubs and a lot have been constructed showing considerable style and character which is pleasing and offer a very acceptable performance. Fibreglass is a good and reliable material that has stood the test of time since its inception back in the 1950s.

This handy guide does not set out to explain the finer details of GRP/FRP glass fibre construction, but it gives helpful pointers and an insight into the material, how it is prepared and then attached and its various properties as a composite. Gaining some practical experience of these systems will help the surveyor in his/her assessment of craft produced in this way.

For many surveyors, FRP/GRP will be their area of specialism as most of the vessels they survey will be made from this material and for them this handy guide is a useful companion.

Author: John Kilhams
Size: 44 pages
Also available in paperback format priced at £17. Click link below.

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