What a marine surveyor needs to know about Paint Failure, Corrosion and Rectification eBook


In this handy guide, the authors take readers through an A-Z of specific words, phrases and jargon giving clear advice on how to spot and rectify issues. There are also examples of coating materials, how the finished product should look and photographs to illustrate some of the faults and defects which may be encountered in their use.

Roger and Peter mention some of the different examination and analytical techniques, from simple observation through to sophisticated analysis that is used to determine the causes of coating failures. Techniques include coating thickness measurements, optical and electron microscopy, EDX analysis and FTIR (Fourier Transform Infra Red Spectroscopy).Ultrasonic techniques can be used to determine metal thicknesses and metal loss due to corrosion.

What A Marine Surveyor Needs To Know About Paint Failure, Corrosion And Rectification by Peter Morgan and Roger Weatherhead is an essential companion that any surveyor should have as part of their reference collection.

Authors: Roger Weatherhead and Peter Morgan
Size: 220 pages

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