What a marine surveyor needs to know about business management skills


Doing business is relatively easy, argues Mike Schwarz, the author of this Handy Guide.

Doing business and making a sustainable profit and creating longer term wealth are far tougher. The aim of ‘What a marine surveyor needs to know about business management skills’ is to give some practical ideas, structure, tips and advice that a surveyor can take into his/her business to enhance what they do.

Mike Schwarz, IIMS Chief Executive Officer, draws on over 35 years’ experience gained from managing big businesses employing dozens of staff with thousands of customers to smaller enterprises with just a few people operating in niche markets. He argues that any personality type can be successful in business.

In this guide, Mike covers everything from selling to marketing, the use of the web and social media, the importance of customer service, simple terms of business and much more.

Author: Mike Schwarz, IIMS Chief Executive Officer
ISBN: 978-1-911058-09-0
Size: 92 pages

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