What a marine surveyor needs to know about surveying wood craft eBook


In this book, Ian Nicolson covers the nature of wooden vessels… he likens them to animals… “The backbone of a boat is the keel, with the stem, stern post and horn timber.
The frames and beams are the ribs, while the skin is formed by the planking and decking. This analogy goes further. Just as with an animal (or a human) damage to the skin is seldom serious even when quite extensive, so it is with a boat…”

What a marine surveyor needs to know about surveying wood craft explores backbones, frames, floors, planking, stringers, beams, knees, decks, cabin tops and deck houses, cockpits, bulkheads, rudders and tillers, furniture, engine bearers and drip trays, engine casings, spars, hose testing, fastenings, electrolysis, paint and varnish.

The written words are further enhanced by a series of a dozen, beautiful and intricate, hand produced drawings and diagrams by the author himself. These diagrams depict where to look for potential issues in a wooden craft such as rot, as well as showing how a vessel made of wood is constructed.

Ian comments… “Surveyors have to enhance their skills by reading and studying boat construction and repairs, in order to become ever more proficient. One reason for keeping up-to-date is that wood boatbuilding is still being developed. Such is the human spirit and enthusiasm to make progress and to enhance every branch of technology that new boat-building and repair techniques continue to be invented.”

Author: Ian Nicolson
Size: 60 pages
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