What a Marine Surveyor Needs To Know About Yacht Rigs ebook


The author, Nicholas (Nick) Parkyn, has an extensive background in both the marine and information technology disciplines. An IIMS member, based in Queensland, Australia, Nick’s work in the marine industry includes marine surveying, yacht and small craft design and marine software development.

Rigs and masts were initially constructed from wood and only evolved slowly; however modern materials and advances in sail aerodynamic theory and analysis have driven significant advancement in rigs, masts, and sails over the last 50 years.

As Nick says, “Choosing a rig or a yacht with a particular rig is a case of horses for courses. There was no single book that covered both the traditional and the recent advancements. In this guide I address both the traditional, the modern and the stepwise evolution to the current state of the art installations.”

136 pages

Also available in paperback format priced at £30. Click the link below.

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