What a marine surveyor needs to know about surveying metal craft eBook


Steel boats may be made of a variety of metals. Very old vessels may be built of iron. Ordinary carbon steel, usually called mild steel, is commonly used. Shipbuilding quality steel is not used as much as it is not easy to source. Cor-Ten steel is sold as a low rust product, but there is no universal opinion about this special formula.

In this handy guide, written by the doyen of marine surveyors, Ian Nicolson draws on some comparisons:
Surveyors are detectives, looking for clues. When they find them, they have to deduce what caused such things as discolouration, dents or broken fastenings. Surveying is also like veterinary work, as both practitioners cannot get answers to questions asked. Good eyesight, excellent lighting and an enquiring mind which never falters on the job are what surveyors need.

Surveyors look for defects as they work. They peer into every space, crawl through the bilge, sometimes go up the mast, shine their torch under and round the machinery. Cracks, dents, rust, discolouration, corrosion, broken parts are all put down in their report.

Ian’s expertly, beautifully hand-drawn sketches and diagrams add to the overall appeal of this guide.

Author: Ian Nicolson
Size: 68 pages
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