The Ian Nicolson Lecture 2023


The Ian Nicolson Lecture, broadcast from IIMS HQ at Murrills House in April 2023, drew a large audience and they were not to be disappointed. Defying his years, Ian spoke enthusiastically for a couple of hours about his 78 years as a marine surveyor using over 40 delightfully hand-drawn sketches to depict his talk. His anecdotes delighted those online as he dispensed a range of helpful tips and plenty of advice acquired over his career.

Ian’s comment that a surveyor can realistically only inspect 50% of a boat as a general rule, given that much of the vessel is inaccessible or hidden by panels and so on, was an interesting observation. And because of that, he stressed the need to do a very thorough survey each and every time on the 50% that was accessible for survey.

“I am sure I am one of many of us who grew up reading your books – you have always been an inspiration” – Lee C-R

“Very humbling and an honour to see your presentation” – James N

“An absolute fountain of knowledge” Fergus O’K

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