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IIMS is authorised by the Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) to conduct the training and subsequent approval of tonnage surveyors through online theory training (Part I) and remote practical video demonstration (Part II). This is an additional service to its existing face-to-face UK tonnage training, which has been authorized by the MCA for some years.

IIMS is planning to run the next tonnage training as a remote event.

The three-hour morning Part I session will take place online. Delegates who wish to be formally recognised will need to complete Part II in their own time remotely.

This training is available to IIMS members and non-members too. But to become formally authorised to process tonnages through IIMS, (where the Institute has registry agreements in place – see list below), Part I and Part II must be completed and you need to be a member. Those who wish to study Part I only, UK tonnage measurement theory, may do so to extend their surveying knowledge.

Part I – Tonnage measurement theory seminar

IIMS will deliver its tonnage measurement theory seminar on Wednesday 14th September from 09.30 to 12.30 (UK time) via Zoom. The training provides an explanation of UK tonnage measurement theory, including the background to tonnage and detailing the specific requirements and measurements necessary to successfully complete a tonnage survey.

Prior to the seminar, all delegates will be sent the pdf IIMS Tonnage Training Manual. The seminar itself will be recorded. Following the presentation, all delegates will be sent the PowerPoint slide presentation and a copy of the video as a reference. A certificate of attendance will be issued.

The cost for Part I only is £120.

Part II – The practical video evidence

For those who wish to become an IIMS approved tonnage surveyor and thus able to process tonnages through the Institute, it is necessary to complete Part II, the practical evidence-based assessment leading to formal authorisation.

There are no time constraints on completing Part II and it can be done at the surveyor’s convenience once Part I has been studied. Surveyors will be required to record short video clips (filmed by their own hand or by an attending associate) to demonstrate an understanding of the requirements and principles of conducting a tonnage measurement as taught by the theory training in Part I. IIMS will want to see video evidence of measurements being taken on a vessel in water, out of water and one with a step-deck for scrutineering. Video evidence along with a completed electronic tonnage form needs to be submitted for scrutineering before authorisation is granted.

Those who become formally authorised as an IIMS MCA approved tonnage surveyor on completion of Part I and Part II will receive a formal certificate of achievement.

The cost for Part I and Part II is £275.

Important note.

The MCA Tonnage Authority agreement authorises IIMS to certificate United Kingdom ships in accordance with certain applicable requirements of the legislation. Part III of the 1997 Regulations regulates the tonnage and certification of under 24m vessels by way of a simplified tonnage measurement system.

IIMS is currently able to process tonnage surveys on behalf of surveyors through the following registries:
British Virgin Islands
Cayman Islands
Isle of Man
United Kingdom

If you become authorised through IIMS training and wish to carry out tonnage surveys through registries other than those named above, please note that the Institute does not have formal agreements in place at this time. Other registries may have similar but different tonnage requirements and you should satisfy yourself before becoming formally IIMS authorised. IIMS will provide confirmation of your certification to other registries on request to help you to gain their acceptance of your capabilities as a tonnage surveyor; but IIMS cannot give a guarantee of their acceptance.

Register your place below. Or if you prefer not to book online, please email Vicki Loizides at education@iims.org.uk or call her +44 23 9238 5223 and we will invoice you.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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