News Bulletin April 2024

View the April news bulletin in full: IIMS News Bulletin April 2024 (pdf format) or click to read it in eReader format.

Listen to ‘lite’ podcast versions of the bulletin. Yacht & Small Craft Surveyors (run time 23 minutes). Commercial Ship Surveyors (run time 21 minutes).

In this new-fangled world we inhabit when old-fashioned thinking and ways of working are being scrapped and discarded in haste, new technologies seem to pose challenges and risks for us on an almost weekly basis. To counter this, I would argue that sometimes it is necessary to pause, draw breath, assess and, if required, rethink things rather than blunder on regardless. Rarely it seems do we do that. We plough on until something goes BANG. Only then do we stop and reassess. A colleague in a recent meeting was overheard to call the maritime world a ‘screwed up industry’. With all this in mind perhaps he has a point.

April sees me on the road again. I am looking forward to meeting surveyors in Baltimore, US on 12/13 April and a few days later at the Western Mediterranean Yacht & Small Craft training event in Palma, Mallorca on 25/26.

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