News Bulletin March 2024

View the March news bulletin in full: IIMS News Bulletin March 2024 (pdf format) or click to read it in eReader format.

Listen to ‘lite’ podcast versions of the bulletin. Yacht & Small Craft Surveyors (run time 27 minutes). Commercial Ship Surveyors (run time 33 minutes).

Last year I wrote a couple of exploratory articles and gave a few presentations on the subject of AI technology and how it is inevitably already impacting on the marine surveying profession as well as in all our private lives too. I was genuinely surprised at the reaction from some – a sense of incredulity and disbelief from many, a feeling of vulnerability from others caused by the fear of the unknown – and from others a grudging acceptance that it is here to stay, and we need to grow and learn with it, as it continues its inexorable rise. I researched for the latest thinking about how AI technology is impacting the shipping and boating sectors.

I am delighted to inform you that the Report Magazine March 2024 edition 107 has been published.

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