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Haslar Marina
Haslar Road, Gosport, Hampshire , PO12 1NU

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The day is focused on simplified stability for motor vessels and RIBs not requiring a Stability Book.

This event is a must for MCA coding examiners who want to brush up their skills in this area, as well as general surveyors and students wanting to know more about how to perform heel tests and accurately record the data. After a little theory at Haslar Marina, it is very much a practical day and a chance to get up close to understand how the test is conducted. Fraser Noble, Chairman of the IIMS Certifying Authority will lead the training with assistance from other suitably qualified surveyors. All are welcome to attend.

Life jackets are mandatory (IIMS has some available to borrow).

The cost is £130 and includes a sandwich lunch and a drink at the nearby Creek Restaurant at Haslar Marina.

9:00 General Discussion
– Motor Vessel Heel Test and Freeboard Measurements
– MGN280 or Yellow Code – Weight of a Person 75 kg
– ISO12217-1; Acceptance after Verification of Stability Assessment by CA
– WB2 – Weight of a Person 82.5 kg
– WB2 – Acceptance of Heel Tests for Limited Lifting or Towing
– WB2 Light Duty Workboat: Max Persons reduced as based on 82.5 kgs, not 75kg
– RIBS, Inflatables, Boats with Buoyant Collars: MCA Tests; ISO 6185 acceptance
– RIBs with Open Transoms

10:00 – 12:30 Practical Motor Vessel Heel Test and Freeboard Measurements
The test will be carried out on an Offshore 105 Stepped Deck Motor Vessel
– Check and Record Vessel Load Condition
– Position of Persons and Minimum Freeboard Upright [all on centreline or 50% each side]
– Average Freeboard Upright – Methods of Calculation
– Position of Persons and Minimum Freeboard Heeled
– Record Distance Persons have moved (Shift Distance for GM Calculation)
– Check and Record Heel Angle:
>>>>> Max 7 Degrees with Minimum Freeboard 75mm
>>>>> Or Max 10 Degrees if Heeled Freeboard equals Upright requirement
–  Measuring Heeled Freeboard – Surveyor on or Off Vessel
–  Freeboard Measurements Fore and Aft Locations
–  Calculation of GM – Known or Estimated Vessel Displacement

12:30 – 13:15
Lunch – Complete IIMS Motor Vessel Heel Test Forms

13:30 – 16.00
Practical RIB Stability Test
The test will be carried out on a Pacific 22 Diesel RIB
– Check and Record Vessel Load Condition
– Measuring Upright Freeboards to Top of Tubes [spirit level]
– Measuring Upright Freeboards to Lowest Point of Transom
– Crowding Persons on 1 Side – Half on Tube
– Measure Freeboard to Top of Tube
– Measure Freeboard to Lowest Point of Transom
– Simulated Damage Tests:
>>>>> Deflate Bow Compartment
>>>>> Deflate Bow plus all One Side Compartments
Swamp Test – Discussion re Physical Testing
Swamp Test – Weighing Vessel and Calculating Buoyancy
>>>>> Measuring Tubes Volume
>>>>> Possible Buoyancy from Sealed Hull Spaces

16:00 Complete IIMS RIB Stability Test Form and Wash Up

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Bookings are closed for this event.

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