Marine Surveying International Fest II (Commercial Ship Surveyors)

Following the success of the inaugural event last year which broke new ground in innovation, the International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS) is delighted to present the Marine Surveying International Fest II for commercial ship surveyors on Thursday 12 December commencing at 06.00 UK time. Marine Surveying International Fest II for large yacht and small craft surveyors will be presented on Tuesday 10 December from 06.00 UK time. You do not need to be a member of IIMS to participate in the Fest.

Many professions and activities increasingly recognise their own special international days, so why should marine surveyors not do the same? Examples are World Braille Day, International Day of Education, World Tuna Day and, of course, World Maritime Day too.

Building on 2018, these two days celebrate and recognise the importance of the work and profession of marine surveying and promote the vital role surveyors perform in keeping lives safe at sea. No matter what time zone you are based in around the world, or area of surveying you work in, we hope to offer something of interest to you. The day will equally appeal to those who work with or engage surveyors, or touch the profession in some way.

How it works
Marine Surveying International Fest II is an online only event and will be anchored and hosted from the IIMS head office in the UK. It is a rolling 12 hour non-stop marathon starting at 06.00 (London UK time) on Thursday 12 December and runs non-stop until 18.00 (London UK time). Marine Surveying International Fest II will be opened by Mike Schwarz, IIMS Chief Executive Officer.

Each hour on the hour, a new presentation will be delivered live (with a couple of exceptions) by a knowledgeable presenter somewhere in the world on a surveying related or relevant business topic. This day’s events are dedicated to the commercial ship surveyor. For one low fee, you can join the Fest taking advantage of as many of the 12 presentations over the 12 hours as you wish. And if you miss any presentations because the time does not work for you in your location, your fee covers access to the entire content after the Fest, which will be videoed and sent to you.

If you cannot make the date, but would still like to have access to the video content, which will not be made available publicly after the event for six months, then the one off fee covers that option too. This is also relevant if you have an unstable or poor quality internet connection and cannot join live.

Here’s the schedule so far – watch for updates:

06.00 (UK time) Differentiating objectivity and subjectivity in a surveyor’s report by Capt Zarir Irani, IIMS President
07.00 (UK time) The Human Element – Are we on the right track? by Hari Subramaniam
08.00 (UK time) What are the key components of a good safety management system and how should it be checked by Yves Vandenboorn
09.00 (UK time) A collision case study – implications for surveyors; and IMO 2020 – potential opportunities for surveyors by Murali Pany
10.00 (UK time) Allianz Safety & Shipping Review 2019 by Capt Rahul Khanna
11.00 (UK time) 19 tips for business success by Mike Schwarz
12.00 (UK time) Container lashing failures and calculations by Mike Wall
13.00 (UK time) Cargo integrity in the context of cargo inspections and surveys by Peregrine Storrs-Fox – TT Club
14.00 (UK time) What the PI Club excepts from a surveyor by Neale Rodrigues
15.00 (UK time) Survey on demand: the digitization of the marine survey appointment by Capt Henrik Uth
16.00 (UK time) The Surveyor and the Insurer- mitigating losses by Chris Curran, Galleon Marine Insurance
17.00 (UK time) Hatch cover tester and the latest features on Cygnus Multi Mode thickness gauges by Graham Haines, Cygnus Instruments

How much does it cost?
The one off low fee to participate in Marine Surveying International Fest II is just £95 (less than £8 per presentation). This entitles you to join the proceedings, leave at any time and then re-join the channel later so that you can take the presentations that are of most interest and relevance to you.

On receipt of your booking, you will be given the unique code that will give you access to the channel for the whole 12 hour period using the Zoom online platform.

To reserve your place, simply choose your preferred option below, select your payment preference (debit card, credit card or PayPal). We’ll be in touch on receipt of your booking with full details.

If you prefer to call us (UK office hours only) and pay using your credit or debit card over the phone please call + 44 23 9238 5223.

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