First hydrogen fuelled passenger vessel to be passed by a class society launched

First hydrogen fuelled passenger vessel to be passed by a class society launched
First hydrogen fuelled passenger vessel to be passed by a class society launched

‘Hydroville’ is a custom designed and built 14m high speed displacement catamaran and, according to its builders, BWSeaCat, is the first vessel in the world to be passed by a class society to operate with passengers using Hydrogen fuel in her propulsion engines. Consequently it produces no CO2, particulate matter or sulphur oxides.

Built in the UK by BWSeaCat Ltd for owners CMB Technologies of Antwerp Belgium, using a Hydrogen system supplied and installed by Revolve of Essex UK and in close collaboration with Lloyds, Belgian Flag, Air Liquide and Naval Architect Steven Lee, the vessel was launched late last year.

Based on a hull form originally designed by BWSeaCat Ltd Managing Director Iain Worrallo, by working closely with Naval Architect Steven Lee, BWSeaCat were able to adapt the hull’s internal layout and structural characteristics to accommodate the necessary components of such an innovative craft and to produce a fully custom made superstructure in keeping with the design ethos.

With the close cooperation of Lloyds register, the team were also able to satisfy the construction and safety standards required to enable Hydroville to become the World’s first Class approved passenger vessel to burn Hydrogen in its propulsion engines.

Featuring a full custom installation of twelve 200 Bar Hydrogen tanks along with associated valves, pipework, safety measures and monitoring systems, the vessel is capable of 25Kn sprint speed and 18 to 20 Kn service speeds from twin 300 hp engines at her full displacement of 14000 kg.

Comfort for her 16 passengers is provided by flip-up seats arranged in opposing banks of two with tables between, air conditioning, blown air heating, electric flushing toilet and a small galley.

The vessel is to be used as a test bed for the development of Hydrogen as a dual fuel in marine propulsion applications and also as a proof of concept for the long-term vision of CMB Technologies.

This vision is to substitute the use of diesel for Hydrogen in the onboard auxiliary engines and generators of the large fleet of ships owned and run by CMB worldwide, with the associated massive reduction in atmospheric pollution that this will bring about.

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