IIMS announces Marine Surveying International Fest II 2019 schedules

Following the success of the inaugural online only event last year, the International Institute of Marine Surveying is delighted to present Marine Surveying International Fest II in two parts. The Institute has lined up a feast of education and information for yacht and small craft surveyors on Tuesday 10th December and for commercial ship surveyors on Thursday 12th December – both commencing at 06.00 UK time. It is not necessary to be a member of IIMS to participate in the Fest.

Building on 2018, these two days seek to recognise the importance of the profession of marine surveying and to promote the vital role surveyors perform in keeping lives safe at sea. No matter what time zone you are based in around the world, or area of surveying you work in, we hope to offer something of interest to you. The day will equally appeal to those who work with, or engage surveyors, or touch the profession in some way.

Read the press release in full: IIMS Marine Surveying International Fest II 2019

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