IIMS sets up marine surveying LinkedIn discussion group

IIMS LinkedIn marine surveying discussion group
IIMS LinkedIn marine surveying discussion group

The IIMS has recently started an online marine surveying LinkedIn discussion group, which already boasts over 100 members. The aim is to set topics for discussion on a regular basis covering all aspects of marine surveying and associated areas. The first subject for discussion on enclosed spaces brought some very lively debate.

Anyone in the group can contribute, or start a new thread, even if just seeking advice from others. The group discussion will not be heavily regulated and a simple set of rules and etiquette has been published that group members are expected to abide by.

Click to view the group.

Some basic ground rules for those who wish to add a topic for discussion or contribute.

Critical and supportive voices are welcomed. But please when you choose to add a comment have something relevant to say about the topic and resulting threads. Do not make inflammatory accusations or unrelated commentaries. By all means start new discussion topics. This group will remain civil, open and balanced at all times. We all have different opinions so please respect the views of others who differ from yours. Sute let’s have stimulating debate, but accept that we do not all see the world the same.

Before contributing, please ensure that your comments are true and helpful.

If you find other correspondents acting rudely or aggressively towards you for something you have said, please don’t respond in turn, as tempting as that may be.


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