IMO to promote careers at sea as part of its Seafarer campaign

imo careers at seaThis year’s theme, A Career At Sea, aims to help address the predicted shortage of seafarers in the future by promoting and highlighting the positive benefits of choosing a career at sea.

In particular, the campaign will focus on encouraging young people to consider seafaring and other maritime professions when making choices concerning their careers or their further education.

The campaign will show that seafaring is a viable, attractive and exciting career option. IMO invites all aspiring and current seafarers, organizations, ship-owners, Governments, port-authorities and general supporters, across the world, to share their stories about life at sea and to be ambassadors for their own industry.

In order to engage with the Day of the Seafarer campaign, seafarers are invited to share their photos on IMO’s new “Photo Wall’, a webpage which invites people to upload photos of their time at sea.

The result will be a visually exciting page of montaged photos from around the globe (including seascapes, “selfies”, scenes of life on deck/in port etc…).

As in previous years, the use of social media is highly encouraged.

On Twitter, the campaign hashtag is #CareerAtSea, for sharing experiences of life at sea. For example:
I’ve just finished building a new ship. Love my job #CareerAtSea
@IMOHQ Just cooked a huge meal for my amazing crew. Nothing like cooking on a rolling ocean. #CareerAtSea
@IMOHQ Proud to provide seafarer centres to all those around the world who chose a #CareerAtSea
@IMOHQ A shout out to our 650 employees manning our ships on all 5 oceans. #CareerAtSea
In my final year studying Naval Architecture. Learning the 3D modelling of ships #CareerAtSea

On Facebook, users are encouraged to post photos and comments/stories about life at sea.

On YouTube, videos are available to watch and share:
• A short video animation highlighting the exciting possibilities of a career at sea;
• A video message from IMO Secretary-General Koji Sekimizu speaking from the Seaman’s Center at Intramuros, Manila, Philippines.

Instagram Posts from the IIMS @iimsmarine