Inspecting hull integrity remotely with a new submersible is now possible with Deep Trekker ™

Deep Trekker ™ means underwater hull integrity inspections can be made remotely
Deep Trekker ™ means underwater hull integrity inspections can be made remotely

Deep Trekker ™ has added to its fleet of portable, robust underwater drone robots; the DT640 Utility Crawler is designed to perform a multitude of underwater tasks.

This is a brand new inspection and service robot and is said to be the first three-wheeled vehicle of its kind. Its modular construction allows for the unit to be equipped with multiple operative attachments making the DT640 more than just an inspection vehicle. The Utility Crawler can be outfitted with magnetic wheels, pressure washer, vacuum, thickness gauge and a dozer.

Fixed with an HD camera, magnetic wheels and a multitude of application-specific add-ons; the Utility Crawler is incredibly versatile and easy to deploy at a moment’s notice.

The Utility Crawler, designed by Deep Trekker ™, is submersible to 50 meters (164 ft.), and houses its own onboard batteries, making deployment easy and quick for tasks such as contraband inspections and testing hull integrity or thickness. Magnetic wheels and various add-ons permit diverse applications such as scraping away marine growth or power washing the hull or examining for invasive species while in port. The Utility Crawler has both military and municipality applications as well.

With magnetic wheels, the Deep Trekker ™ DT640 Utility MagCrawler can crawl along vertical angles to inspect the integrity of ship’s hulls even underwater. Instead of dry-docking or returning to shore, the crew can immediately inspect the hull if they fear something is wrong, via the live video on the handheld controller.

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