JL Audio to design ultimate sound system for Glider Yachts

The new SS18 sports yacht by Glider Yachts will be fitted with audio equipment designed and supplied by JL Audio
The new SS18 sports yacht by Glider Yachts will be fitted with audio equipment designed and supplied by JL Audio

Glider Yachts Limited, a new British luxury yacht manufacturer, has announced that JL Audio UK will be its exclusive audio partner. In its first project JL Audio has designed the ultimate sound system for Glider Yachts’ SS18 sports yacht, enabling its passengers and crew to enjoy premium quality audio as they glide over the waves in supreme luxury.

Glider Yachts’ pre-production model is currently in build at Burgess Marine, Trafalgar Wharf, Portchester UK and will be launched at the Monaco Yacht Show this September, where exclusively invited visitors will be able to experience the amazing quality of its JL Audio sound system first hand.

“Glider Yachts’ mission is to become the world’s leading supplier of high-performance, luxury superyachts. We are totally committed to providing our clients with superior quality and high-performance audio systems, incorporating innovative technologies designed and manufactured to the highest standard possible for our luxury yachts, by the best in the business,” said Robert McCall, Managing Director, Glider Yachts.

The SS18 will incorporate JL Audio’s Premium System as standard, but for music aficionados who really want to party and “rock the boat”, an upgrade to the Ultimate System will provide even greater power and performance. SS18 owners who want the Captain and crew of their sports yacht to enjoy their music simultaneously, a Helm Upgrade will provide the same supreme quality audio for them.

“We are thrilled to be working with such an innovative and exciting luxury yacht manufacturer that reflects our standards of high quality in design, manufacture and performance. We have taken the unique cockpit layout of the SS18 and designed a system which provides pilot and crew with maximum enjoyment of their chosen music. JL Audio’s marine speakers, sub woofers and amplifiers are designed and manufactured specifically for the marine environment and are unaffected by whatever the tough environment of the sea will throw at them. Locating the speakers in strategic positions on-board ensures sublime depth and clarity of sound which is the equivalent of quality home hi-fi.” said Paul Baker, CEO at JL Audio UK.

The Premium System includes four classic white grill JL Audio 7.7” coaxial speakers as well as two 8” sub woofers. For those who want to party, the upgrade to the Ultimate System adds another 700 watts of power through 5 channels, while the speakers are increased to 8.8” coaxial speakers supported by two of JL Audio’s highly acclaimed 8” Infinite Baffle sub woofers.

“Our clients can work with the Glider Yachts team and our exclusive audio partner, JL Audio to design their own bespoke sound system, so they can enjoy their music however they please,” said Robert McCall.

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