MAIB business plan

MAIB Business Plan 2020-2021 published
MAIB Business Plan 2020-2021 published

The UK Marine and Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) has published its new Business Plan for 2020 to 2021.

To improve marine safety by determining the circumstances and causes of marine casualties and promoting action to prevent reoccurrence

To be one of the most professional, effective, trustworthy and influential marine safety investigation authorities in the world. The MAIB will achieve this by:
• Continually developing its capability to investigate effectively, and delivering timely reports and information that will enhance marine safety
• Fostering good relationships with other stakeholders, while maintaining its independence
• Contributing to the continuous development and improvement of marine safety investigation capability, both nationally and
• Ensuring it maintains adequate resources and uses them effectively

In complying with the IMO Casualty Investigation Code and UK statutory obligations for the investigation of marine casualties the MAIB will:
• Respond promptly to marine casualties
• Lead and manage the accident investigation team and ensure their safety
• Conduct thorough, impartial and timely investigations
• Focus on identifying safety issues and promoting safety actions to address them
• Produce clear and informative reports, with well-founded analyses and conclusions, which explain the circumstances and where possible identify the causal and contributing factors, without apportioning blame
• Make proportionate, well-founded safety recommendations
• Improve marine safety by promulgating the lessons learned from accident investigations
• Encourage mutual assistance within the international marine accident investigation community to improve marine safety globally
• Treat the survivors and the relatives of victims of marine accidents with consideration, sympathy and honesty
• Foster good relations with external stakeholders, professional bodies, educational establishments and the wider maritime

Download and read the MAIB Business Plan: 2020-BP20-21-BusinessPlan

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