MCA releases a bulletin about a quality issue with fire doors

The UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) has released a bulletin to notify vessel operators and surveyors that a quality issue has been discovered relating to fire doors manufactured by COSMO Co Ltd.

The MCA makes reference to an advice letter issued by the manufacturer, which urges particular attention of doors rated A-60, A-0 and B-15. Following an internal investigation, it was found that some delivered and installed doors have some insulation missing from part of the door fitment. As a result of the missing missing insulation, the doors do not comply with their type approval certification.

The COSMO Fire doors A60, A0 and B15 that might be affected by this issue have been type approved and are certified to MED Modules B and D by DNV GL and were produced between November 2013 and July 2017.

The main issue relates to the insulation in the doors, which is missing from the upper part, sides and bottom. This is believed to have occurred during a change of work process in November 2013.

How to check if your COSMO Fire doors are affected:
– Remove a rivet or hinge bolt from the side of the door.
– Insert a metal pin through this rivet/bolt hole, and check for missing insulation.
– If a door is found to be missing insulation, please inform COSMO.

COSMO, with support from DNV GL, is now working towards a solution to the problem that will be notified to those affected. If evidence of these faulty doors is discovered, contact should be made to the relevant Flag state and Classification Society for further clarification.

Owners and operators of affected UK vessels should take temporary mitigating measures in the form of regular fire watches and fire patrols. Extra precautions should be arranged in case of hot work. Additionally, attention to good housekeeping should be undertakend to ensure fire hoses are ready by the affected doors in the interim period in case of an incident.

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