News Bulletin December 2022

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As we start to wrap up 2022, I have noticed a distinct step change this year when it comes to the subject and progress of decarbonization. For some years it seems the maritime industry was dragging its heels and coming reluctantly to the decarbonization table. That has noticeably changed and with fervour. New technologies are mushrooming and emerging fast, along with alternative fuels too. We are now moving from the raw science and research stage into the implementation phase.

Each year the IIMS Certifying Authority is subjected to a mandatory audit by the Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) external monitoring team. It is always a challenge and not a day we look forward to with much relish. As well as a review of our processes and procedures, the MCA conducts a technical review of perhaps 10 vessel files. For the second successive year, I am pleased to say that the audit was clean and tidy with just a handful of minor findings to attend to.

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