News Bulletin July 2022

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Have you ever wondered why incidents seem to come in clusters and often by type? I have. It is a strange phenomenon and one that I have no idea how to explain. Recently there were several enclosed space accidents hitting the news in quick succession with deaths to report. Then there was a spate of incidents within days of each other involving containers flying from ships into the seas. In some cases, it was just a handful, but in others, much larger numbers were reported. And now, there has been a cluster of devastating fires, both at sea and on shore that have hit the headlines in recent weeks resulting in multiple deaths. Those who know me well know I find maritime-related tragedies on an industrial scale both shocking and hard to understand at times. As ever, my sympathies lie with the families of those who have lost loved ones.

On a lighter note, I am delighted to welcome South Korean based Peter Broad FIIMS as your new President. He formally took up his post during the AGM on 7th June following the changing of the guard as Geoff Waddington came to the end of his two-year term. You can read more about the AGM and see some photos elsewhere in the bulletin.

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