News Bulletin June 2019

Halfway through the year already? Extraordinary. The past month for me has been administratively top heavy and burdensome. A few days with the Western Mediterranean LYSCWG was a welcome and much needed escape.

The June Report magazine is published. The centrepiece 12-page article is about our office, Murrills House, Portchester. I am teasing you again by not saying what the significance of this article is, suffice to say this breaking news is highly significant for the Institute and its members. Click to read the latest copy of The Report.

And our latest handy guide has been published, this one entitled What a marine surveyor needs to know about paint failure, corrosion and rectification by Peter Morgan and Roger Weatherhead – and the biggest booklet to date at 224 pages. It is a corker of a publication and as I look back now following the publication of what is the twentieth handy guide in the series since we started three years or so ago, it is with a sense of great pride at this landmark! Click here to view this and 19 other handy guides.

View the bulletin to continue reading: IIMS-News-Bulletin-June-2019 (pdf format) or click to read it in eReader format.

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