News Bulletin June 2020

A month in the world of COVID-19 sure is a long time. The pandemic continues to consume our thoughts on a regular basis, but there are signs that worldwide lockdowns are starting to open up slowly and members are reporting that surveying activity is starting again. Hurrah! Please, however, do not let yourself become complacent to the dangers of this awful disease as you work.

Working from home, the IIMS team has put their time to good use and the past few weeks have proved to be busy. The IIMS UAE Branch hosted over 400 delegates at their recent online seminar. New membership applications are reaching the office at a much higher rate than normal. The number of students joining the IIMS Professional Qualifications programme has soared. Our twenty third handy guide is published, an authoritative piece of writing by Capt Allen Brink entitled ‘What a marine surveyor needs to know about on-off hire condition and bunker surveys’. And today we have published the biggest ever Report Magazine at 112 pages!

We have all been kept busy and I am pleased to say that my CEO report for the Annual General Meeting on 16th June will be an upbeat one to reflect all this activity. The IIMS offices are reopening to staff from 1 June on a voluntary basis. Half the team plan to work from the office with the other half continuing to function from home for the time being.

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