News Bulletin June 2023

View the June news bulletin in full: IIMS News Bulletin June 2023 (pdf format) or click to read it in eReader format.

The report by the MAIB into another two needless deaths onboard the vessel Emma Louise at Port Hamble Marina once again reminds me of the hidden dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. Had a CO detector been fitted on the boat, both men would still be alive today. Such devices are available in the UK at the local hardware store for as little as £20. It frustrates me that vessel owners do not routinely fit them and that there is no mandatory requirement to make them do so. It also poses the question as to where the limit of a surveyor’s duty of care ends. In my opinion, any surveyor boarding a small craft that does not have a CO detector should point out this deficiency to the vessel owner as a matter of course. You can read more about this avoidable tragic incident and download the report elsewhere in this bulletin.

I am pleased to announce the release of the June Report Magazine. Elsewhere in this bulletin you can find links to download the publication. I would particularly like to steer you to this edition for one reason and one alone. The onslaught of AI and its rise to the public’s attention in recent months is both fascinating and alarming.

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