News Bulletin March 2020

February proved to be an interesting month with a lot of activity happening, much of which is reported in this bulletin. I would especially draw your attention to the short articles on misrepresentation by an accredited marine surveyor, what to do if the ICO comes knocking and the pitfalls of being an expert witness and getting it wrong – financially painful in this case! But more importantly, I would like to comment about the Institute’s policy on Coronavirus or COVID. The epidemic is a tragedy and has cost many lives already. IIMS is monitoring the situation closely and is assessing its activities on a case by case basis. The consensus is that the virus might peak by April, but that is not a given. So, we need to be careful as do you too, especially if you are travelling internationally. To those planning to attend courses in the coming period, we are advising not to travel if coming from a ‘high risk’ country. It is a worrying time and seeing the impact it is having on the dynamics of the wider marine sector is deeply concerning.

And finally you are advised that The Report Magazine March 2020 edition, number 91, has been published and is now available to download and read in pdf or eReader formats. It is another monster issue with some first class, specially commissioned content to indulge yourself in!

View the bulletin to continue reading: News-Bulletin-March-2020 (pdf format) or click to read it in eReader format.

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