News Bulletin November 2021

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I am always happy to champion good and worthy causes, especially those that fit within the current environmental landscape that we are being so challenged by. So, I am grateful to Peter Franklin of YachtMedia for alerting me to the excellent work that has been undertaken by Brighton University about the global problems associated with the thorny subject of end-of-life boats. It seems the boating world continues to turn a blind eye, which is no longer acceptable. The situation is deteriorating, or at best making only improving marginally, in what is now becoming a major environmental catastrophe requiring serious attention.

The past few weeks have been eventful with some lengthy and important meetings. An annual audit visit from the Maritime & Coastguard Agency – these days online – is never a fun event to look forward to. Their aim? To dig deep to ensure that IIMS is operating its Certifying Authority in a professional manner and in keeping with our procedures manual and the contract by which we are governed. Fortunately, they seemed happy and there were no nasty surprises for either side and, importantly, no red flags! The following day saw a Certifying Authority committee meeting. This was rapidly followed by an Education Committee meeting. It is pleasing to report one of our largest student intakes to study for the marine surveying Professional Qualifications at the start of last month.

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