News Bulletin September 2021

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In the past few weeks, several members have commented to me that in their opinion IIMS has become expert at developing and delivering quality training that meets the needs of the marine surveying profession. I am grateful to them for their unsolicited comments and am happy for my colleagues and I to accept the plaudits. I know just how much time and effort we (and those who assist in developing the course and seminar material alongside us) put into perfecting our training offerings. However, I rather hope IIMS is recognised as more than just a training organisation, although I cannot deny we have more exciting training opportunities up our sleeve.

I received an email recently from IIMS member, James Newcombe, one of very few experienced and recognised yacht and small craft surveyors practicing in New Zealand currently. He made two interesting observations and I am sure he will not object if I quote him verbatim. James said, “I joined the IIMS not just for back-up support, or a community to belong to, but also, more importantly, to increase my knowledge.” I hope we deliver all of that and more for members and yes, that takes us full circle back to training and surveying knowledge resources.

I recommend the September Report Magazine, another bumper edition, which has just been published.

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