News Bulletin September 2022

View the September news bulletin in full: IIMS September 2022 News Bulletin (pdf format) or click to read it in eReader format.

It seems that the number of UK boaters taking to the water has also reached record levels too – that’s the finding in a recent British Marine survey, details of which are published in this bulletin. Somewhere along the way there must consequently be a silver lining for yacht and small craft marine surveyors, one would hope.

My personal thanks to all those who participated in the recent IIMS membership survey, the first in four years. So much has changed in our world over that time and it was important to get feedback. The results are displayed in the news bulletin.

The September 2022 Report Magazine is published today. As always, I recommend the publication to you. There are two topics that come under closer scrutiny in this issue. The first is antifouling and biofouling. There is a lot of activity going on in this sector currently and there are several articles devoted to this topic. The thorny issue of container stack collapses will not go away. Again, there are a couple of features related to this item.

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