Revived IIMS SCWG meets in the Western Mediterranean

Members of the IIMS Western Mediterranean small craft working group who met in November at Palma
Members of the IIMS Western Mediterranean small craft working group who met in November at Palma

Words by Kim Skov-Nielsen

The Western Mediterranean IIMS Small Craft Working Group (SCWG) met for a training day in Palma de Mallorca in November, organised by John Excell and Kim Skov-Nielsen.

On Friday 7 November, a group of a dozen IIMS members met at the excellent training facility in the Port Authority building to hear a review of PI insurance and handling claims and disputes given by Karen Brain and Amanda Ridd of Matrix Insurance Ltd. Thanks are due to Karen and Amanda for coming over. Lots of feedback led to a lively discussion of terminology and different practices in Spain.

Kim Skov-Nielsen followed on with a short photos and discussion session where he showed a selection of horrible things he had seen up various rigs in the last 12 months. Again a good discussion of practices and recommendations was had amongst the group before heading off for lunch on the quayside in the sun. Dragging themselves back to the classroom, they had some solid training from John Excell on Tonnage Surveys, how to carry them out and where to take the measuring tape to. It is fair to say that everyone learnt something.

SCWG-West-MedIt was great to see a number of IIMS Spanish members and some student members too taking part in the Western Mediterranean training, proving that the Institute has something to offer them as well. There was talk of holding a future training session in Barcelona next year which would work if a number of the South of France surveyors also showed up. Federico Rodriguez of Testia offered to do a session on NDT, perhaps followed by some training on coatings and corrosion.

A short Western Mediterranean SCWG meeting was held where Kim Skov-Nielsen declined for personal reasons to carry on as chairman, suggesting that John Walker should get some recognition for all the work he already does. Motion passed and John Walker is the new Western Mediterranean Small Craft Working Group Chairman. His challenge is now to put the Western Mediterranean SCWG back together and get some of the perennial no-shows to start coming to trainings and meetings.

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