Sailing Yacht A has been delivered by the German yard Nobiskrug

Sailing Yacht A. Photo by Nicholas Canepa
Sailing Yacht A. Photo by Nicholas Canepa

Nobiskrug, the luxury German superyacht yard, has announced that it has delivered Sailing Yacht A, one of the world’s largest sail assisted superyachts and one of the most eagerly awaited launches of 2017.

Built for the the Russian billionaire, Andrey Melnichenko, the sail assisted superyacht measures almost 143 metres (468 ft) with a gross tonnage of about 12,600 GT.

Sailing Yacht A has been designed by Philippe Starck, who is known for creating unconventional vessels which challenge the expectations of conventional aesthetics ; he was responsible for Melnichenko’s previous superyacht, Motor Yacht A.

Sailing Yacht A is one of the world’s largest and the most advanced superyachts with unique features such as an underwater observation pod, hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system and state-of-the-art navigation systems.

The vessel’s distinctive three masts are the tallest and most highly loaded freestanding composite structures in the world. The mainmast towers 100 metres above the waterline.

Working with the Owners Project Director, Dirk Kloosterman and his dedicated team, Nobiskrug believes Sailing Yacht A will become “one of the greatest PYC superyachts in the world in terms of design and technology”

The German yard used a steel hull and steel superstructure with high-tech composite fashion plates that can be formed into any shape or size.

Commenting on the delivery, Nobiskrug’s managing director, Holger Kahl said: “Born from the desire of the owner to ‘push the boundaries of engineering and challenge the status quo of the industry’, Sailing Yacht A is undoubtedly one of the most visionary projects Nobiskrug has ever been involved in.”

“Thanks to her striking looks and innovative technology, Sailing Yacht A is unquestionably the most anticipated delivery of 2017. She will definitely change the future landscape of the Nobiskrug fleet as well as the future of supersail,” he added.

Sailing Yacht A arrived in Gibraltar on 15 February where she will undergo further sea trials as the internal fit-out continues at another shipyard.

The handover to Melnichenko is estimated to take place in the late Spring.


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