BMA alerts to the use new ISO standard shipping safety signs and equipment location markings from January 2019

The Bahamas Maritime Authority has published an alert regarding new escape route signs and equipment location markings. They remind all relevant parties that all new vessels built from the 01 January 2019 should be provided with new ISO standard safety signs as described in Resolution A.1116(30).

All ships built on or after 01 January 2019, and current ships which undergo repairs, changes, modifications and outfitting within the scope of SOLAS Chapters II-2 and/or III, on or after 01 January 2019, will need to make sure that they comply with the signs listed in Tables 1, 2 and 3 in the Annex to A.1116(30).

The resolution includes updated signs and graphical symbols that should be used to mark the location of:
– Means of escape;
– Life-saving systems;
– Mandatory action signs for launching lifesaving equipment.

These need to meet the mandatory requirements of SOLAS regulations II-2/13.7 (ro-ro passenger ship escape routes); III/9 (LSA operating instructions), III/11; (survival craft muster and embarkation arrangements); and III/20.10 (marking of LSA stowage locations).

The Resolution also includes non-mandatory signs for:
– Emergency equipment signs which provide use and location of first aid facilities and safety equipment;
– Fire-fighting equipment signs which provide use and location of firefighting equipment;
– Prohibition signs;
– Hazard warning signs;
– Mandatory action signs which provide mandatory notices and instructions.

In addition, the resolution includes symbols that should be used along with IMO Resolution A.952(23) when preparing the shipboard fire control plans required by SOLAS regulation II-2/15.2.4.

Except from the symbols for ‘Safety Plan’ and ‘Fire and Safety Plan’, the symbols are the same as those contained in IMO Resolution A.953(23).

Read document containing the full list of symbols: Bahamas-Maritime-Authority-Escape-Route-Signs-and-equipment-location-markings

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