Baltimore Conference


12/04/2024 - 13/04/2024    
All Day


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The Marine Conference Center, MITAGS-Maritime Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies
692 Maritime BLVD, Linthicum Heights , Baltimore, MD , 21090

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In-Person & Virtual Meeting

“How Quickly the Tide Changes” or “What We did not Know We Did Not Know”

Network with fellow surveyors and industry sector professionals. New challenges in electric propulsion and AI.
14 CE’s suggested.

Venue: MITAGS, 692 Maritime Boulevard, Linthicum Heights, MD 21090.

FRIDAY April 12th, SATURDAY April 13th

Phone contact: 011 44 23923 85223 (IIMS UK) or 410-604-2327 (USA)

Contact: James “Randy” Renn 410-490-0216
Or by email:

Meeting Room Entry Code will be provided for the days of the meetings for virtual delegates.

Cost: $225.00 for both days (to include refreshments and lunch).

Book and pay for your place on the secure IIMS servers below, or call James “Randy” Renn on 410-490-0216 to reserve your place or email him your reservation at

Day One. Friday, April 12 2024

0830-0915 EST. Mike Schwarz, CEO IIMS.
State of the Institute. Moving forward with AI initiatives and Institute additions.

0915-1030. Dr. Mike Lewus, Metal Metropol Ltd.
Dr. Lewus is a UK based materials and corrosion specialist who will talk about stray currents in marina and galvanic corrosion.

1045-1115. Darrell Broscomb.
“Sticky Diesel” (no, it’s not diesel bug). Diesel storage issues in inland waterways vessels. Ageing Diesel fuels and solutions.

1115-1200. Steve Warner, Cygnus Instruments.
Ultrasonic testing equipment and measurements.

1300-1415. John Malool SAMS AMS and SAMS Safety Committee.
Fire Suppression Systems and the Marine Surveyor. What to look for and where during your inspection process.

1430-1515. Ernie Ellis, Sea Fire.
Presentation of LiCell Suppression Systems for Lithium Fires. Vermiculite coatings aid in suppression and containment.

1515-1630. Udi Willersinn, Greenline Yachts.
Building a hybrid yacht. Cutting edge calculations and assembly of components. Difficulties in matching form and function.

1630-1715. James Renn, IIMS HonFIIMS, SAMS AMS.
Radiation and resonance perils while surveying. Introduction, detection and damage prevention.

1715. Day one closing remarks.

Day Two. Saturday, April 13 2024

0830-0900. Good Morning! James Renn.
Let’s take some minutes to get a very brief exposure as to the differences between inboard gasoline powered fuel injection-PFI and the next generation DI-direct injection. Changing tools and parameter sets.

0900-1015. John Malool, SAMS AMS and SAMS Safety Committee.
Our continuing casual attitudes on the subject of enclosed spaces and your Four Gas Detector – if you carry one at all. The how and reinforcement of the why. How misunderstanding can cost you or your crew dearly.

1030-1230. Capt. Matt Majors.
Boating Accident Investigation Training Program associated with the NASBLA (National Association of State Boating Law Administrators). Capt. Majors will introduce the systems and training needed for the downloading and reading of GPS equipment memory and the many secrets your cell phone can tell on you. This is an indispensable toolset for investigations for insurance, accidents, warranty, etc.  For those of us who have taken the program it is certainly a worthwhile and powerful tool to understand the procedures.

1315-1400. Capt. Tom Ottenwaelder, SAMS Marine Surveyor.
What is the transition like to morph from a USCG Captain to a Marine Surveyor as a second career? Misinterpretations of standing in the same shipyard with a difference in purpose. Pitfalls and revelations.

1415-1500. Philip Miller, Ret. USCG-Hefring Marine.
An Icelandic Data Driven, Deep-Tech utilizing Machine Learning and the Internet of Things (loT) Organization. AI driven Marine Solutions in real time with continuing improvements as AI learns. Systems such as IMAS-Intelligent Marine Assistance Systems and hardware in way of Enabled Software as a Service-SaaS change the manner in which we perceive/manage ship systems integrated with Ships Navigation.

1500-1545. Frank D Messana, Marine Surveyor, Associate IIMS, , Yacht Masters Marine Surveying.
Social media as a business enhancement. Internet, Facebook and other media approaches to business. Development and improvements in targeting. Lessons we may have never known.

1545-1600. Zack Floyd, Gemeco Technical Manager.
CAN Systems are familiar to most surveyors however interfacing may have become a bit overwhelming. Trouble shooting or even guessing about an opinion is at best dicey. Enter the Peak Mini-Diag instrument. Having seen this item demonstrated during IBEX we were convinced this tool needs to be in our kit as a service offering in our sales.

1600-1645. Geoff Grainger, Marine Surveyor, Boat Pokers, SAMS-AMS.
Methods of marketing your services and approaches for successful outcomes.

1645-1715. Lloyd Griffin, Marine Surveyor. NAMS-CMS, SAMS-AMS.
“You just can’t make this up”. The traditional end to the two-day program with a humorous look at photos that defy the imagination.


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