Draft Survey School of Instruction


08/02/2020 - 09/02/2020    
All Day

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The two-day school of draft survey instruction taking place at Morehead City, NC on – 9 February 2020 will take the mystery out of the science of accurately determining a vessel’s weight by water displacement.

Designed for the student having little or no previous experience performing surveys of this type, the program will be presented by Charles Leeuwenburg, an extremely experienced and practicing draft surveyor in a fun, relaxed and easy to understand format.

Adhering to standards established by the United Nations and the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) and using surveys and publications collected from actual vessels attended by the instructor, attention will be directed toward practical application rather than textbook theory. Throughout the entire course, the student can expect to be challenged with real-life scenarios while acquiring the fundamental skills necessary to properly perform a draft survey, which include but are not limited to:
(1) Methods of draft observations and application of mathematical corrections
(2) Seawater density observation and its effect on displacement calculations
(3) Inventory of consumables (ballast / freshwater / fuel)
(4) Deciphering unusual vessel hydrostatic data
(5) Avoiding common errors
(6) Solutions when “It just doesn’t work out”

Although the course of instruction will focus on ships (both metric and imperial system of measurement), inland and ocean barge surveys will also be addressed.

Class is scheduled for 0800 – 1700 each day and lunch served onsite. The instructor will remain on site as long as needed at the end of each day. Students are encouraged to remain after hours, debrief the instructor or perform some practice surveys and/or just review.

To register, point your browser to Easy Draft Survey.

Additional questions regarding course content and target learning objectives may be directed by email to Charles Leeuwenburg.

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