Marine Surveying International Fest III 2020 (Commercial Ship)


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If you are not familiar with the Fest format, now in its third year, it is an annual online only event hosted live by IIMS from Portchester, UK and starts at 06.00 London UK time. If you cannot or choose not to join live, there is an option to purchase the entire day’s content in video format to watch at your leisure.

Each hour on the hour for 12 hours, a new presentation is given by an expert in one area or another of cargo and commercial ship marine surveying. One modest fee of just £100 gives you access to the entire day’s schedule of presentations.

This year’s presentations include many that are being prepared from scratch for your benefit. Many are original and produced especially for Fest III. Here’s what we have lined up for you on Wednesday 2nd December 2020.

06.00 Remote survey practical considerations- tips and techniques from the far end of the world by Adam Brancher
07.00 Liquefaction update by Capt Akshat Arora, Standard Club Asia
08.00 Identifying “Facts without Fiction” in a survey report or a nomination/appointment by Capt Zarir Irani
09.00 Ultrasound as part of your Predictive Maintenance Program by Chris Hallum
10.00 Enclosed spaces: Why we are dying there by Capt Michael Lloyd
11.00 The use of drones in marine surveying by Steve Blair, Coptrz
12.00 Cyber security onboard ships by Capt Ruchin Dayal
13.00 Container Ships – Misdeclared cargoes – risky business by John Dolan, Deputy Director of Loss Prevention, Standard Club
14.00 Wakashio disaster:  How the crisis communications could have been better handled by Dustin Eno, COO, Navigate Response
15.00 Understanding the CTU Code by Bill Brassington
16.00 Relationship between the P&I Club and the Marine Surveyor by Petar Modev, Head of Ship Inspections, Thomas Miller P&I Club
17.00 Dynamic Positioning: What is it and what can go wrong by Maurice Pickles

If you prefer not to use the online booking system, please email Camella Robertson or call +44 9238 5223 to reserve your place and we will arrange to electronically invoice you.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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