First CMID accredited vessel inspectors announced

The first CMID accredited vessel inspectors have been announced.
The first CMID accredited vessel inspectors have been announced.

Congratulations to Peter Solvang, Managing Director of DP & Marine Assurance Norway and Johan Bager, MD/Principal Surveyor at marine-surveyors.euon for becoming some of the first CMID Accredited Vessel Inspectors.

See the new website for details of the scheme, or go to the registration application form.  The site includes full information on IMCA, IIMS, CMID and on the CMID Accreditation Scheme, with sections on accreditation benefits, the application process, fees, frequently asked questions (FAQs), continuing professional development (CPD), and complaints and compliance.

Then too there is a list of forthcoming CMID database workshops for Inspectors taking place in Aberdeen (1 September); Singapore (7 September); London (6 October); Abu Dhabi (29 October); Shanghai (6 November); Amsterdam (17 November); Bergen (24 November); and Houston (1 December). These will be delivered by IIMS subsidiary the MSA who are managing the AVI scheme, and will be added to reflecting global demand.

About the CMID accredited vessel inspector scheme
Concurrently with the launch of CMID version 9, IMCA appointed the International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS) and its subsidiary the Marine Surveying Academy (MSA) to manage an accreditation scheme for vessel inspectors and auditors using the CMID system.

The CMID accreditation scheme itself is under the auspices of the IIMS who run similar programmes with other marine industry bodies. The IIMS includes an assessment of qualifications and experience of inspectors wishing to gain accredited status as part of the Application Process. A pool of suitably qualified and experienced people is available to the IIMS to verify the credentials of potential CMID Vessel Inspectors seeking accreditation.

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