Hempel innovates by releasing a fuel saving fouling release coating

Hempel has released a new fuel saving fouling release coating
Hempel has released a new fuel saving fouling release coating

Global marine coatings supplier Hempel A/S has announced that it has launched an innovative new fuel-saving fouling release coating, known as Hempasil X3+, that tricks organisms into believing the hull is liquid, and not a solid structure.

“This innovative new fuel saving fouling release coating has been developed in consultation with our customers to offer an additional choice for owners and yards and to deliver optimal fuel savings,” said Henrik Dyrholm, Group Product Manager at Hempel.

“Due to its high efficiency, the Hempasil X3+ will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of a vessel making it the ideal choice for environmentally aware shipowners, who want the best for the environment and their business.”

“Our innovative hydrogel technology gives an additional layer of protection that remains present and stable over time to provide optimal fouling prevention and performance,” said Dyrholm.

Hempasil X3+ is said to be a completely biocide free paint that creates a smooth, low energy surface that has no impact on the marine environment while still retaining the self-cleaning properties of silicone.

Earlier this month, Hempel announced that it has signed an agreement with DNV GL that will see them work together on defining “clear, comprehensible, and verifiable” analytics to monitor and assess hull and propeller performance in order to optimise customers’ fuel savings and reduce environmental impacts.

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