IIMS extends its range of handy guides with two new publications

In recent weeks, IIMS has released two new handy guides in the series ‘What a Marine Surveyor needs to know about‘ bringing the total number of publications to twelve.

What a marine surveyor needs to know about small craft engine surveys
Many marine surveyors consider the survey of the machinery to be outside the scope of a pre-purchase or insurance survey and simply ignore it. Small Craft Engine Surveys is designed to give the marine surveyor who has limited experience of machinery surveys sufficient knowledge and confidence to enable him or her to understand both what and the implications of what is involved.

Author: Elliott Berry
ISBN: 978-1-911058-11-3
Size: 168 pages

What a marine surveyor needs to know about small craft & superyacht valuations
The valuer’s job is to ensure that he or she lays out all the facts in a clear, concise, and logical manner, that is easily understandable by all concerned, and that his or her conclusions clearly justify his final valuation. The role of the valuer is a contentious one at the best of times, and attempting to value something like a yacht that is often considered by the owner to be their pride and joy, or a potential for bankruptcy, can be a difficult and nerve wracking process for a surveyor. Phil hopes that his advice given in this booklet aids in some way, small craft surveyors to provide more accurate and justifiable valuations.

Author: Capt Phil Duffy
ISBN: 978-1-911058-10-6
Size: 44 pages

These and other handy guides in the series can be purchased directly here from the IIMS web site

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