New Generation AHTS & Rig Moves course

anchorAnchor handling requires special equipment and skills, not only in performance of the anchor handling operations, but also in preparing the projects. In this three day AHTS & Rig Moves course from 17-19 May 2016 delegates will study and learn all they need to know about this specialist field. The location is Amsterdam, The Netherlands. IIMS members and non members are welcome to apply.

The course gives an overview of the necessary skills, technology and requirements. Hydrostatics, hydrodynamics, hydrography, naval architecture, nautical engineering and safety engineering are the sciences that play an important role in Anchor Handling operations and design of the AHT’s, the procedures and connections.
The course will give a practical knowledge of the technologies especially pertaining to Anchor Handling:
• Technical basis of Ocean towing and Anchor Handling
• Safety of towing during tow out, ocean transit, positioning and installation engineering
• Warranty, safety and contingency planning

Day 1:
• HMC & Mr A.J. Bos • Course outline • Maritime industry • History • Ocean towing • Anchor handling
Principles of Naval Architecture
• Hydrostatics • Stability • Hydrodynamics • Ships motions • Propulsion • Manoeuvrability • Wave slamming • Strength • Vibrations • Fatigue • Special design aspect for Anchor Handling Tugs (AHT)

Day 2:
• Positioning, and tools for positioning • DGPS • Seabed surveying
Safety of towing during tow out, ocean transit, positioning and installation engineering
• Bollard pull calculations to meet the international guidelines • Statistics to estimate the most probable downtime • Mooring and station keeping • PSO’s • GBS • Stability especially related to the combined • Practical Engineering tools • SafeTrans • MS-Tool • Case of tow out and positioning • FPSO • GBS

Day 3:
Ocean towing and anchor handling
• Introduction into ocean towing and anchor handling
• How to prepare the necessary manuals for towing, installation and positioning including contingency planning
• Anchor handling operation and requirements for the winches and position of winches and tuggers on:
• AHT • FPSO • GBS • Connection methods • Modes of towing • International rules and regulations • Towing equipment • Rules and regulations • IMO criteria • Rules for marine operations • Failure and effects • Function of the warranty surveyor • HAZID / HAZOP • Contingency planning

Rig Moves
• JU Rigs • Positioning • Holding capacity of tugs and station keeping • Preloading • Rules for moving and preloading • Semi’s • Positioning • Holding capacity of tugs and station keeping • Anchor handling and running of anchors • Rules and regulations • Gravity Base Structures (GBS) • Refloating of the GBS in the construction dock • Tow out • Tow to location • Positioning • Set down, ballast operation

The cost of the three day course is £1,195 + VAT at 20%.

To reserve your place on this course please complete this simple form. We will invoice you before the course for payment together with your joining instructions.

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