News Bulletin April 2022

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Rarely am I lost for words, but I have found this month’s news bulletin introduction harder to compose than usual. You know full well why this is of course. My colleagues and I have been appalled at the situation developing in Ukraine, along with many other people around the world. The invasion has dominated the marine headlines, as well as the general news, for several weeks now – and rightly so, for it is the only news in town that matters currently.

On a different but related note, I have read some concerning articles about the likely impact on the superyacht sector, which experts are predicting is in for a gloomy period. Before war broke out the superyacht sector was a vibrant and hugely successful industry employing an estimated 250,000 in Europe alone. With economic sanctions now starting to bite, this is a trying time for those companies for whom superyacht new build and refit is their source of income.

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