News Bulletin February 2022

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2022 has kicked off in busy fashion for IIMS on several fronts and there are a number of ongoing projects during January that have kept my colleagues and I with our heads down at our desks!

There has been a rush of new membership applications in recent weeks, so if you have recently joined and are reading this bulletin for the first time, welcome to the organisation. Perhaps the biggest project for some time to report on is the rollout of the new IIMS student education portal for those enrolled and studying the distance learning Professional Qualifications. More than twelve months in the making with our software partner, eDot Solutions in Goa, we finally went live on 10 January.

The reaction I received following the publication of the 2021 Safety & Loss Prevention Briefings Compendium has been astonishing. Although the importance of the compendium was apparent to me when compiling it, I had not anticipated the extraordinary feedback. If you have yet to download your free 100-page copy of the compendium in pdf format, you can do so now.

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