News Bulletin September 2018

The past month has been very revealing! I refer to the outcome and findings from the most detailed IIMS membership survey to have been undertaken for four years. The survey findings provide a snapshot of what members think about their organisation, but the verbatim comments – (of which there were dozens and dozens) – reveal far more. Nearly 300 members responded to the survey, equivalent to almost one-third of the membership, a high percentage indeed. A number of these verbatim comments have been captured and published in the Report Magazine September issue, both positive and negative, together with my own personal interpretation of the results. Whilst it is clear that the overwhelming majority of members are generally content with their professional body, there are a few learnings that we can and must take.

I had the pleasure of spending some time with members in South East Asia last month when I hosted the eCMID and IIMS seminars in Singapore for the second year. Both days were a success and well attended. Personally, I found the range of presentations very apt and of great interest as it seems did those present did too. Travelling to new places gives the opportunity to make new contacts. I had a number of side meetings whilst there with some interesting and influential people and the results of those meetings will be seen in the coming months.

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