News Bulletin October 2018

I have repeatedly tried to avoid the B word – yes you’ve guessed it, Brexit. I am increasingly being asked by members in the UK and continental Europe what it will mean for surveyors on both sides of the English Channel. In truth, I simply have no answer, no crystal ball and am clearly far less informed than those who are currently conducting the protracted negotiations! I have no intention of pre-empting the outcome, but like others I am increasingly drained by the rhetoric coming from both sides of the argument. What is certain is that we are edging towards an outcome, the impact of which on the UK, continental Europe and marine surveyors cannot yet be understood.

It is a fact that surveyors are often the beneficiaries of work as a result of inclement weather as their services are in high demand when people and insurers try to assess and calculate the damage as the clear up begins. Ships blown on to shore, marinas torn apart, small boats planted in trees are all reminders (as if we needed any) of what can happen. But my thoughts go out to all those who have suffered losses recently through the destruction caused by Hurricane Florence which has ripped through the Carolinas on the US east coast and also Typhoon Mangkhut that has had a similar impact in The Philippines and China. No surveyor would surely ever want to get work this way I am certain, but these crazy weather patterns are keeping surveyors busy.

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