Red Ensign Group members get boost to their expertise in casualty investigation

Raman Bala, Director of Shipping, British Virgin Islands (pictured) attending the MAIB training
Raman Bala, Director of Shipping, British Virgin Islands (pictured) attending the MAIB training

Red Ensign Group members have been attending an intensive course aimed at working with them to ensure their safety investigations of marine casualties and incidents are carried out in line with international requirements.

While the REG delegates are already experienced in such investigations, the course run by the UK-based Marine Accident Investigation Branch combines the requirements of the International Maritime Organization’s Casualty Investigation Code with its own experience and best practice.

David Wheal, principal inspector of marine accidents at the MAIB is one of the team that created the course. He said: ‘This is not designed to replace the formal training we would expect investigators to have. This course serves as a platform for future refresher and enhanced training.’

Captain Chris Locke, Marine Officer from the Falkland Islands who is one of those taking part said: ‘It’s been an intensive but very interesting two weeks. There’s been lots to learn and think about.’

And Raman Bala, director of shipping, from the British Virgin Islands, said: ‘The expertise and experience from the MAIB put into this course has proved invaluable.’

Richard Pellew, from the Maritime & Coastguard Agency, who is co-chair of the REG Technical Forum said: ‘The requirements on flag States from IMO’s III Code and Casualty Investigation Code are very clear. The REG has an ongoing commitment to developing, upholding and maintaining the highest standards. Tapping into the world leading and unrivalled expertise offered from the MAIB will help us to do just that as we continue our work around enhancing compliance.’

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