The Ever Given Suez Canal Incident

Ever Given. Photo credit: Vesselfinder
Ever Given. Photo credit: Vesselfinder

I am minded to write this post for my blog on the very afternoon that the mega container ship, Ever Given, is freed from her unfortunate mooring, which has been her home for the best part of a week. This freak incident, (causes unknown at this point), is yet another reminder of the perils of shipping and our reliance on it. And it has certainly hit the world news headlines big time, not surprisingly. Smit Boskalis, it seems, has done a remarkable job to free her. I know little of such intricate salvage situations, but clearly they handled it in such a way as to preserve the ship and her valuable cargo. Only time will tell, once inspected more fully, if there is hull damage. It serves as a reminder to the dangers and hazards of shipping, some of which cannot be envisaged until it is too late, which lurk around each corner.  I can only imagine the cost to marine insurers and vessel owners will run into many billions.

With lockdown restrictions easing in the UK on the back of reducing rates of COVID-19 infections, the decision has been made to reopen Murrills House, the IIMS Head Office, with immediate effect. The team will come in on a rota basis for now and all necessary precautions remain in place to keep the workplace safe. But I know I speak on behalf of my colleagues when I say how thrilled they are to be heading back to the office, even if on a part-time basis for now. Sticking with Murrills House for a moment, I can report that work is underway to complete the installation of replacement windows for the old rotten ones. So far so good and they look superb and in keeping with the lovely old property we call home.

Training has been on my mind this past week. As I look back over the past year, I realise we have delivered an array of quality training, presented by some very knowledgeable people who know their areas of expertise inside out. I am grateful to them all. Just last week, IIMS President, Geoff Waddington, (assisted by Fraser Noble and the Jabsco team), presented a seminar on surveying small craft bilge pumps. Of course these seemingly innocuous looking devices are essential. Perhaps that’s why this particular seminar drew more than 100 registrants, our most popular to date. Keep an eye out for more quality training opportunities to come.

Mike Schwarz
Chief Executive Officer

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