There’s a feeling of ‘it’s all new’

I am Mike Schwarz, Chief Executive Officer of the International Institute of Marine Surveying and author of the CEO blog. This is my first post.

It is not my intention to blog on a daily basis  and I certainly do not intend to post too much unnecessary trivia here either. But if there is something I believe to be worth saying, I’ll say it. In essence, I hope my blog will give IIMS members and other interested parties a behind the scenes look at the side of life at the IIMS that one does not normally see or hear about.

So as we start to approach high Summer in the UK, there is a feeling of ‘it’s all new’ today in the office and no, I am not just referring to this blog.

At the recent AGM, IIMS members voted for a change of accountants. With that change of accountants comes a switch in accounting software from Sage to Xero. Our new accountant, Jim Walker, is in the office today to begin the process of migrating the IIMS accounts from one system to another. On the face of it that sounds simple enough, but as we all know such matters are never easy or simple! And IIMS Financial Controller, Vicky Lawrence, will be watching with a keen eye. Afterall, she is the one who has to learn how the new programme functions. But, Jim assures me all will be well and he will be around to help Vicky until she is comfortable too.

And now for the trivia (having said earlier there would be none of that)! We are also having the floor coverings replaced today. The toilet and kitchen areas are getting a makeover and they sure need it too. Our local flooring specialist in Portchester is laying some bright, shiny, new lino today. OK so this is perhaps not the most important news ever, but we do like our simple creature comforts at IIMS head office.

Thanks for reading. I do hope you will pop by and read future instalments.

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