News Bulletin November 2018

As I write this month’s column, my colleagues and I are putting the finishing touches to the Marine Surveying International Fest 2018, which in case you are still not aware, is rapidly approaching now. This 24 hour ONLINE ONLY marathon, undoubtedly one of the most ambitious projects IIMS has ever attempted, starts at 11.00 (UK time) on Tuesday 6th November and concludes at 11.00 (UK time) the following day. One new presentation will start on the hour every hour for 24 hours. I am grateful in advance to my colleagues who will help me host and manage the event round the clock. Black coffee will be on hand!

I was delighted to attend the one-day Symposium in Mumbai in early October. To share a stage with Capt J.C. Anand, Capt. Kapil Dev Bahl and AWJ (Tony) Fernandez, all three of whom are held in the highest esteem and respected for their individual and combined skills, was a special memory. And having the Director General Shipping, Dr Malini Shankar, grace the occasion as our Chief Guest was an honour. The videos made on the day of the presentations will be released for viewing on the IIMS YouTube channel shortly.

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