ClassNK publishes guideline for LNG bunker vessel survey and equipment

Class NK, the leading Japanese classification society, has published its Guideline for Survey and Facilities/Equipment of LNG Bunkering Ships, which outlines the additional safety requirements of liquefied gas carriers that supply LNG fuel at sea.

There are currently no established international conventions for the facilities/equipment of ships that transfer LNG to other ships at sea, and additional safety equipment has been considered individually. Based on the examinations conducted so far, ClassNK has developed the guideline which compiles the requirements for additional equipment for the safe transfer of LNG, a cryogenic substance, between ships, and surveys.

Specifically, the guideline stipulates the layout and system design of LNG bunkering ships, fuel transfer systems and operation, as well as class notations according to the equipment to be installed.

The number of LNG-fueled ships has been increasing in recent years as their CO2, SOx, and NOx emissions have a lower environmental load compared to ships that use conventional oil fuels and this trend is only set to continue.

On the other hand, facilities that supply LNG as fuel from quay facilities to general ships are still limited.

Liquefied gas carriers supplying LNG fuel at sea are considered candidates for ensuring variations in fuel supply, and more bunkering ships that supply LNG to ships are also being built and operated.

The Guideline is available to download free of charge via ClassNK’s website for those who have registered for the ClassNK “My Page” service. To register for the “My Page” service, go to the ClassNK website and click on the “My Page Login” button.

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