IIMS releases two free compilations from Matrix Insurance Services for free download

Over the years, Karen Brain, Managing Director of Matrix Insurance Services Ltd, has spoken at various IIMS events, conferences and small craft seminars, both in person and online. Her input has been invaluable, her depth of knowledge is significant and is always much appreciated by surveyors.

Karen has also written extensively for the Report Magazine in recent years on the subject of both insurance for marine surveyors and aspects of law and contracts.

For the first time, IIMS has produced two compilations, each presented as 28 page pdfs that brings the contents together in two easy to read documents.

These are now freely available to download (see below).

50 Shades of Law & More

The International Institute of Marine Surveying presents a compendium of the five chapters of the 50 Shades of Law series and a further four related chapters in association with Matrix Insurance Services Ltd – nine articles in total written by Karen and her colleagues.

There are a number of topics covered, including:
– A surveyor’s duty
– A fair representation
– What is evidence and when is it admissible
– Giving expert witness
– The root of most problems with contracts is caused by common formation problems

Download your free copy: 50 shades of law and more

50 Shades of Insurance

This publication is made up of a collection of thirteen articles written by the Matrix Insurance Services Ltd team and originally published in The Report Magazine over a number of editions. IIMS now presents these articles together in one publication for the first time.

Some of the subjects covered include:
– Discover our needs and understand the demands of others
– The three S’s – control your risk, control your desires
– Unleashing the advantages of mediation
– The claims process – justice in law
– Tales from Miss History: Things you should know

Download your free copy: 50 shades of insurance

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