Meeting IIMS members is so rewarding

Delegates participating in the IIMS 5th biennial UAE branch conference
Delegates participating in the IIMS 5th biennial UAE branch conference

November. Now where did that go? Ah yes I remember – it vanished in something of a whirl. From one training event and seminar to another. Hugely rewarding for me personally though I have to say and I was delighted to meet so many members, both at the UK events and at the UAE Branch Conference over the course of the month. I have learnt a great deal, which for a highly non-technical person such as me is probably a dangerous thing! However, it occurred to me that if I did, then so did our members too. Certainly the positive feedback would suggest that to be the case.

We have just released dates for our tentative training programme for 2018 and the schedule is published elsewhere in this bulletin. In particular I would like to mention the joint IIMS and eCMID South East Asia Conference and Seminar, which will take place around the Sydney Boat Show in Australia from 31 July to 3 August next year.

Both IIMS and the Marine Surveying Academy (MSA) have enjoyed very strong ends to the year financially, but especially MSA under the direction of Hilary Excell. Our Registered Marine Coatings Inspector programme has run several courses this autumn and as a result there are well over 100 qualified RMCIs. MSA’s other area of operation, the eCMID vessel accreditation scheme, has had a very strong few weeks with applications going through the roof. In many ways this was to be expected and anticipated once IMCA announced their intention to close access to the eCMID database to all but those who are accredited from 1 January 2018. And as Hilary put it, “there is something akin to panic setting in amongst those who have done nothing to sort out their accreditation.” As a result I expect the number of accredited AVIs to top 400 early in the New Year. Pui Si Chung and Sharon Holland have joined MSA and start work with the company this week.

I must also point you in the direction of The Report Magazine December issue, which has been recently published. Always a pleasure to put the publication together, I believe that this issue will both entertain and educate those who read it. An eclectic mix of articles and feature stories for sure, but in a way that is the very strength of the publication. You can also read what I hope is my honest review of life at IIMS during 2017.

Before I sign off, I would remind members that the 2017 CPD year ends on 31 December, but you have until 31 March 2018 to ensure you have claimed the required 10 points for the year. Once you have achieved that, the new CPD compliant roundel will be added to your page listing on the IIMS website.

Survey well.

Mike Schwarz
Chief Executive Officer

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